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(1)GJB9001 Weapons and equipment quality system certificate

(2)AS9001C Aerospace management system certificate

(3)ISO9001 Quality management system certificate

(4)ISO14001 Environment system certificate 


(5) High and new technology enterprise

(6)Safety production standardization Level 3 enterprise

 (7)Import and export trade operating license 


Product standards established and amended by LANJIAN

(1) International standard

- < IEC61169-19 RF connectors Section 19: Type SSMB RF coaxial connectors Sectional specification>

- < IEC61169-49 RF connectors Section 49: SMAA Series RF coaxial connectors Sectional specification>


(2)National standard

- <GB/T11313.24-2013 used for 75 ohm cable distribution system, Threaded Coupling RF coaxial connectors (Type F)  Sectional Specification>

- <GB/T11313.19-2013 Type SSMB RF coaxial connectors Sectional Specification(Section 19)>


Company patents:

currently LANJIAN owns 19 patents for utility model and design, and has declared two patents for invention.